BMM offers a complimentary initial meeting, with a no obligations or strings attached! We believe it is important to get off on the right foot, and need to make sure that you like us and we think we can add value to your life.

There will be no hard sell from the team at BMM, and we want to build a long-term sustainable relationship where we all benefit!

BMM are proudly a ‘flat-fee’ advice practice. This means that the cost of our advice will be based on the value we can provide, the complexity of the issue(s) and the time associated with the preparation and/or management of the strategy.

We can provide value by:

  • Helping you define and achieve your objectives
  • Utilising our years of experience, in depth knowledge and expertise of financial planning
  • Ability to help you respond wisely to the changes in circumstances, markets, and legislation
  • Helping you avoid mistakes and pitfalls
  • Long term perspective and joining you on the entire journey

The cost of our advice is split into the Strategy Preparation and the Ongoing Advice Services.

Strategy Preparation (Upfront Cost)

Typical fees for Strategy Preparations typically range from $2,200 – $6,600. This will be discussed and agreed before any fees are charged.

Ongoing Advice Services (Annual Cost)

Our ongoing service offerings are broken down based on the level of services.

from $3,500pa or $6,600 for couples
from $10,000pa
2 x reviews per year At least 4 x reviews per year
Ongoing portfolio management BMM becomes your personal CFO
Related strategy advice future changes included All-inclusive management of your finances
Access to the BMM team and resources all year round Access to the BMM team and resources all year round

Our fees are commonly charged from the balance of investment or superannuation accounts but can also be paid via a direct debit arrangement.